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What is the timeline for material supply, Installation and Final Handover of the project?

Timeline for material supply from Day 0 in 45 Days
Definition of Day 0
When Cavity are ready for sizes within 2 working days our Service Engineer will come to the site and take the final measurements by Laser Equipment. Once the sizes are taken within next 2 to 3 working days he will submit a final commercial for your approval. This final commercial will have the same discount percentage of the agreement signed. Once you give final approval on the final commercial that will be Day 0

Once the material has been supply to your site within next 2-3 days the Glass will also be supplied and our installation team will also be there within next 3-4 days simultaneously then depending upon the size of the project it usually takes 10 – 20 days to complete any residential sites"

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What are color choices & finishes available with LUMANI SYSTEMS?

Plain Finish, Texture Finish, Sparkling, Wood Finish. All the Finishes are available in multiple colours like Gray, Black, Dark Wenge, Walnut etc.

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What kind of Sound Insulation (Acoustic Performance) is available with LUMANI Systems?

Acoustic performance refer to Sound insulations of windows & doors post installation. Normally insulation range remain from 30 dB to 52 dB depending on profile system, glass and building walls/ structure specifications.

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What is average per sq. ft cost?

If the window is a fix window it might cost you as less as Rs 400 per sq. ft. If the same window is a openable sliding window with a small size that sq. ft, price can go upto2100- 2200 sq. ft. Then again it depends on which system of opening window we are taking or if it is an insulated or Non Insulated series very much depends on every house how many fix windows and how many sliding windows are there that will decide the Sq. Ft. price of that particular project. Every House and every project has a separate sq. ft. rate depending on the design and opening and requirement of the project As well as the colour and finishing choices of the  profile and the choices of the glass thickness and the Glass  specifications. Windows width & Height and any special hardware required like Key Locking, Door Closure etc.  So many variants are there. So saying a Sq. Ft rate for any project or any product in windows it is residential it is not possible. Every house will have its own Sq. Ft area

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What is maintenance cost?

Maintenance cost is almost Zero to client for next 10 years including the colour of profile joints hardwares etc. In case there is a accidental damage then pricing as per the actual service cost like if it is a broken glass or if it is a broken handle or if it is something you know damaged profile then it might be of cost or else any kind of maintenance for the next 10 years is Zero to the client

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Do the Mesh provided are rust free?

Yes, Stainless steel 304 Grade in slide panels, In Zigzag and Role one Mesh is Fiberglass.

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What is the make of Role-on mesh?

Role-on mesh is a Third Party solution Lumani will provide the warranty as per different kind of specification available in the Nylon Role on Mesh.

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What is the distance between two Glasses in the Glass to Glass joint window?

4 - 6 mm

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Will Gap in G2G joints will be visible?

Yes, It will be visible like a line covered with a clear silicon

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Can you put blinds in glass?

Yes, possible in Double Glass Unit with a limited Width and Height options.
Ideally Blinds in window is preferred in Kitchen & Bathroom Glasses as Curtains are not Feasible at both places due to oil and moisture content in air.

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Why you don't give warranty on glass?

All Glass are duly tested in stress load and Deflection load parameter. Glass can break due to hit or Nickel Sulphide activation, which does not cover in warranty in any way.

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What is DGU Glass and benefits ? (Double Glass Unit)

Glass comprise of two panes of glass that are separated with a spacer and filled with argon gas in the gap between the two layers of glass.
Single Clear Glass transfers 95% heat through the glass which makes premises very hot inside
Double Glass Unit is effective in Thermal Insulation (Heat & Cold) as it has low U value depending upon the combination & glass used. Also it helps in improving acoustic performance due to air gap / inert gas filling between 2 glasses.
At least Keep Westside and Southside solar control glass to minimize heat gain

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What is Laminated and its benefits ?

Laminated glass is two or more glass permanently bonded together with one or more plastic interlayers Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) using heat & pressure
Laminated Glass is called as security glass or Safety Glass also.
This combination helps to keep the intruder out even after hit break  for minimum 20 mins or more  This also ensure safety once the glass breaks and it does not fall down due to the lamination layer.

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What is the difference in DGU and Laminated Glass?

DGU Glass is used for Thermal insulation (Heat & Cold) & Acoustic performance, laminated glass is used for security & acoustic performance.
Thermal insulation can be achieved in laminated glass by using solar control glass.

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What can be the reason of delamination of Glass?

Manufacturing defect or Constant touch of Moisture

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Where we can use HS (Heat Strengthen) Glass?

Laminated Glass in which thickness of single glass maximum 8 mm.
Glass thickness 10 mm and above can not be Heat Strengthened Glass by property of glass.

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What is the performance glass ?

Performance Glass is called as Solar Control Glass also . There is a layer applied on the clear glass to reflect the U.V Rays out and keep the inside cool.

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What is the ideal railing glass height?

1000 mm - 1200 mm depending upon the foot step load.

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What is Jumbo Glass & challenges ?

Jumbo Glass is called to the Extra Large Glasses use for the extra clear vies and high aesthetics on the architectural point of view. Any glass above 2400 mm in width & height on both sides comes in this category
Jumbo Glass has to be reachable till cavity in the premises as well as must be replaceable in case of breakage later down the years.

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What are the security options provided with windows?

Laminated glass, Multipoint locking, Key locking, Beading inside, Burglar resistance class (RC) depending upon design & System

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What is silicon and what is use in windows?

1 - Windows are always installed with gap of 4-6 mm from Wall in all sides to absorb variation impact of civil structure (Thermal expansion or contraction)
2 - A silicone sealant always finds use where a gap requires to fill for insulation.
3 - It should be weather proof to ensure high insulation from Sound, Air, Thermal & Dust for the long term "

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From where all the Schueco material is coming?

Schueco is the world largest system design company which outsource its extrusion from multiple source all over the world some of the sources are in India also The entire hardware’s & accessories  are coming in from Schueco Factory in Bielefeld Germany

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Are colour coating provided by Schueco?

No, Powder Coatings or any kind of anodizing or surface finish is given by LUMANI and 10 year warranty on the finishes is also attended by LUMANI

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Where the Gasket are produced?

All the Gaskets and Accessories are produced at Schueco Germany Factory at Bielefeld.

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What is Warranty Period?

10 Years operational warranty excluding glass breakage.

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Discuss Warranty, how LUMANI is better?

LUMANI offering reliable warranty, The system we are offering does not work as wood that you can repair from any street carpenter, These are high performance system come with the specialized profiles and hardware’s and accessories which needs specific supply & skill set for after sales service, LUMANI - SCHUCO is highest & most promising brands who give above as Brand Promise with full integrity

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How SCHUCO is Reliable Brand ?

1 - With annual global turnover of more than 18000 Cr in Windows, Doors & Facade
2 - Presence in more than 80 Countries,
3 - High German investment in India, Presence with team of more than 150 team members & pan India infrastructure.
4 - Strong research & development on doors, windows & Facade's offering integrated systems which are maintenance free & high in performance
5 - Installed in world largest projects like: Music and Life Style Hotel Berlin Hamburg Heights 3 Adina Hotel, Hamburg, Le Meridian, Hotel Hyatt etc. ….. "

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USP of System

1 - Tested & certified systems
2 - Designed as per Indian weather conditions
3 - 10 Years reliable warranty
4 - Multipoint locking
5 - Integrated Solutions with multiple type of typologies like door windows
6 - Perfect Sound , Dust , Thermal Insulation
7 - No Paint or Polish Required
8 - No Warping or Change in Size due to moisture."

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Do we need to pay full GST?

Prices are inclusive GST. Client has to keep the record of Invoices to ensure warranties in the long run.

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What is your customer care number?


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What is response time in case of any service is required or any damage or glass breakage happens?

Within 48 hours our team will respond and within next 7 Working Days we will resolve the issue.

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What is ideal Handle height from floor level in Casement/Slider windows?

1050 mm

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What is ideal Handle height from floor in Top Hung windows in washroom to avoid visual access from outside?

1800 mm

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Which powder is being used in powder coating?

Jotun or Akzonobel (Both are world largest & International Brands)

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What is the thickness of Powder Coating?

60 – 80 Microns

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What is the thickness of Anodizing?

15-20 Microns

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What are the points for which you must think before giving order of Aluminium windows  to any organization?

1 – Will that organization give you proper service after installation?
2 – Will they supply of hardware later like handles & rollers be available in their stock ?
3 – Is it a very small Company and they might vanish from the market later when you need service down the line 5 years or 7 years?
4 – What is the track record of that organization?
5 – How many people are working there?
6 – What kind of infrastructure they are having?
7 – What kind of factories or showroom they have?
8 – What is the Sound Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Dust Proof, Water Tightness, Wind Load Bearing all the technical parameters do they have proper certificates of Third Party Testing ?"

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What is U value?

The U-value of a window is a measurement of the rate of heat loss indicating how well your windows are keeping valuable heat in. It is expressed as Watts per square metre Kelvin W/m2 K. The lower the U-value the better the thermal performance of the glass.

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Is there any scope of water penetration in windows system?

When windows are closed water will not come inside, In case this happens purpose of system is defeated.

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Why wind load is important?

Wind load is critically important for high rise building . Due to heavy wind load windows may warp or give whistle in case of lack of proper reinforcement and adequate system efficiency.

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